Mnemonics: Seraiki poems to learn math, science

We use mnemonics to teach fundamental math and science concepts. Children exposed to mnemonics make exceptional memory gains—of as much as 77 percent according to G.R. Miller. The mnemonics that we use integrates visual (posters) and acoustic (poems, songs) mediums. We use Seraiki to convey abstract science/math concepts and their explanations, which are, as well, best received by the children in their mother tongue. The mediums blend in the daily lives of the children, as well with the standard school curriculum of classes 5-10. Also part of the event are low-cost hands-on science experiments (observation and measurement) involving a stick, measuring tape and saal—plumb-bob, to measure the shadow of a stick at noon, especially on days of solstices and from these measurements derive the Sun’s inclination—as the first step to measure the Earth’s Circumference.

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