Potable water for 17,000 children

Water borne diseases are 80% of all our diseases and cause 33% deaths in our country. JOIN US and so many donors as we address this pervasive NATIONAL malaise in public schools!
Only Rs 15,000 will keep 250 children safe from water borne disease!
That is the cost of digging a (120 ft deep) well and installing a hand-pump in a government school.

So far we have dug 118 DEEP-BORE WELLS (120 feet deep) and installed hand-pumps in as many schools benefitting over 17,000 children at cost of Rs 1.46 million.

Later, we intend to give 2-gallon cans to the children to take potable water home.
With stickers on them promoting hand washing and girls’ education.

Source of data: Drinking Water Quality Status and Contamination in Pakistan, Published online 2017 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5573092/

Fotos of lastest tubewells/handpumps installed during February-March 2021: Nos. 77-118

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