Saraiki Poems by

ZSSN has published its collection of Seraiki poems for children by Nawab Muztar (foto of book on the left). The poems were specially written to popularize math, science and to promote reading and learning (see post below on Teaching Science, Math, Public Health, Tolerance with Seraiki poems).

The book was presented to the Chief Justice Jawad S Khawaja on August 21 2015. The Chief Justice praised the effort to teach pivotal science and math concepts in the mother tongue and he asked the children to “learn the poems, enjoy them …. and acquire a fondness for reading and learning.”
His message to the chidlren: I am delighted to receive the book Zoya Science School Diyan Nazman, which is part of the commendable work that brother Sarmad Khawaja is doing to spread education in South Punjab. Zoya Science School Diyan Nazman is a superb collection of poems for children on science, math, tolerance and empathy and importance of education. I wish children of Zoya Schools and other children will learn the poems, enjoy them, share them with friends and family and will also acquire a fondness for reading and learning. 




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