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Zoya Science Schools (presently 7 set up in remote rural areas of South Punjab) give free education to over 2,600 underprivileged children in a caring environment.

Typically, a Zoya Science School is built and supported by the family of Zoya Khawaja and friends on land given by the community.

The schools promote science/math with videos, posters, booklets, poems, songs in the local language Seraiki–all produced in the schools; They promote local culture/traditions, wildlife preservation, music, public health; and encourage the children to learn to think, and to seek to understand the world and act wisely in it. 

The Schools’ have well-stocked libraries with story books of world famous authors (in Urdu), such as Hemingway, Tolstoy, Chekov, Prem Chand, Rumi, Gogol, as well Kalam science books, stories from around the world, including all the books for children published by National Book Foundation.

The Zoya Science, Welfare Society, made up of the principals/teachers of Zoya schools, looks after the children’s welfare. Its front line work to address child poverty is in villages around Zoya schools that epitomize childhood deprivation and abject uninterrupted poverty. The villages are jammed with families living in poverty or along its periphery from earnings at the low end of the agricultural economy (i.e. typically earning less than three times the cost of a minimally nutritious diet–Orshansky measure), and daily denied basic necessities.

The Society aims to raise the chances of the children’s long term success with an inclusive, caring and healthy community that enables the children to learn and flourish: giving potable water in public schools and in the homes of underprivileged children; food to girls of nursery and prep to address malnutrition and hunger; and medical treatment to sick children, warm clothes, financial assistance, trees to grow in their homes.

The accounts of the Society are annually audited





Zoya Science School Garibabad (new campus)
completed June 2022


Zoya Science School Garibabad (not so old campus)





Zoya Science School Garibabad (old campus)






Zoya Science School Essenwala




Zoya Science School Cheenwala




Zoya Science School Usmanabad




Zoya Science School Ramzanabad




Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad



Zoya Science School Daruhal