About Us

Zoya Science Schools for underprivileged children promote science and math in the local language Seraiki with poems, songs and hands-on experiments. Children are taught public health, 5 diseases of the area and their cures.  Zoya schools promote local culture, traditions, wildlife preservation, music, public health with poems, songs, posters, booklets, local festivals (such as Lohri, Vaisakhi). School libraries include books from World Literature (in Urdu), such as Hemingway, Tolstoy, Chekov, Prem Chand, Rumi, Gogol, and posters that we have published and Kalam science books. Typically, a Zoya Science School is built and supported by the friends and family of Zoya Khawaja on land given by the community. To date, the family of Zoya Khawaja has given over Rs 100 million to the schools.