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Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

What Zoya Science Schools wish to accomplish

PREPARE CHILDREN FOR HEROIC ENDEAVOUR. The school banner shows the girl we wish to graduate: Emerging, as Athena from Zeus' head, from our NAWAN SIJ (new Sun), which symbolizes the outburst of hope that Zoya schools give, as well, the name Zoya (from Zeus), meaning light of wisdom; And leading Lady Liberty-like to a bright future.
(The Sun is Edvard Munch's; The girl's silhouette is from Delacroix's (Liberty leading the people). Her raised hand is from the Soviet war poster 'Motherland Beckons').

Two Reservoirs of Knowledge
Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

Science, Math and Reading

We teach Maths/science by explaining the reality in which the concepts arose, their struggles with obscurantism, and links with nature, commerce, culture: such as, by tracing the rise of ZERO (the most abstract concept) and spread of modern number systems (despite Church opposition). We illustrate mathematical rigor with Archimedes' measurement of Pi; and its power by measuring celestial distances and capturing natural beauty with Golden rectangles and Fibonacci series.
We publish stories from around the world, such as, by Tolstoy, Maupassant, Hemingway, Rumi, Prem Chand, Gogol, Chekov, etc., to make our children more aware, more capable of understanding the world.

Cheenwala campus building

Zoya Science School Cheenwala

Zoya Science School Cheenwala built in 2016-2017 by the family of Zoya Khawaja presently serves 155 girls and 205 boys. The school is located in a neglected part of District Dera Ghazi Khan in Tehsil Kot Chota, Union Council Jhakkar Imam Shah, Moza Bait Cheenwala, the only brick and mortar building in the Moza.

Al-Beruni - Earth's Circumference
Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

The poster summarizes how Al-Beruni computed the Earth's Circumference on a hill of the Salt Range near Pind Dadan Khan in two steps using simple algebra: by first measuring the height of a hill; and then the angle the hill top makes with the Earth's horizon. And imputing the Earth's circumference from an algebriac expression including the hill's height.

Eratosthenes - Earth's Circumference
Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

Science for Children. Poster: How Eratosthenes Measured the Earth's Circumference

The poster shows how Eratosthenes measured the Earth's Circumference from angles made by the Sun with a tower in Alexandria and in Aswan; and by measuring the distance of Aswan from Alexandria. The children of Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad measured the Earth's circumference using the methods used by Erastosthenes, Al-Beruni and Al-Mamun.

Children's Rights
Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

Children's Rights

The poster tells children about the laws protecting their rights, such as the Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2014; as well, about the UN Convention on Children’s Rights, 1989, which binds our government to reduce infant mortality (Article 24a), eliminate child mal-nutrition with clean drinking water and nutritious food (Article 24c); It gives brief statistics on child workers, stunting, infant mortality and literacy; Its centerpiece is Picasso’s Dance of Youth, celebrating the joy of youth, which is every child’s right.

Dolphin of River Indus
Science for Children. Poster: How Al-Beruni Measured the Earth's Circumference

Science for Children. Poster: Endangered Blind Dolphin of River Indus in Seraiki

The poster, in Seraiki (our children's mother tongue) draws attention to protecting the vanishing Blind Dolphin of River Indus—one of the world’s rarest mammals. Less than ONE THOUSAND are left in Pakistan and the world! 150 years ago the Dolphins lived across all the rivers of Punjab. Now their habitat is fragmented by dams and barrages such as Tarbela, Jinnah, Taunsa; Water for irrigation dries out lower Indus and its channels where Dolphins lived. The poster follows a seminar on the Dolphin and field trip arranged by Punjab Wildlife Department for our children.

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Children's welfare

Selai center for young women

22 young women learn sewing and stitching

Free medical camp June 2024

Of 300 patients examined 140 had upset tummies and 93 suffered from stomach-related diseases (primarily … Read More

Clothes for children

Eid package for orphans 2024                     … Read More

Potable water for 41,744 school children

Water borne diseases are 80% of our diseases and cause 33% deaths in our country* … Read More

Daily hot meal for children–Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children

The Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children addresses child malnutrition in rural communities: Four of … Read More

Saeeda Sultana Fund For Children

The Saeeda Sultana Fund for Children was started by Prof Ali Arcelawn in August 2021 … Read More

Al-Mumtaz Welfare Fund

The AL-Mumtaz Fund has closed work due to the death of its sponsor Dr Soofia … Read More


Our welfare work aims to alleviate the mind-boggling deprivation of children in remote rural areas … Read More

Water for underprivileged families

Ramzan 2022 Package for 120 Orphans


Tinea Capitis (scalp ringworm)

Tinea Captis fungal infection effects mostly pre-teen boys as our Saifal class 1 of ZSS … Read More

Sana Khalid Young TB Patient

Sana Khalid of class 7 Zoya Science School Garibabad is diagnosed with TB. Her father … Read More

Ramzan food package 1st round April 2021

105 orphans of Zoya schools in 66 families got a food package worth Rs 1,975 … Read More

Nimra Bibi class 3: Burn victim

Nimra Bibi class 3 Zoya Science School Daruhal looks after her 7 siblings and father … Read More

Our nutrition survey: mind boggling deprivation

433 out of 847 children are undernourished as per our survey of three Zoya Science … Read More

Warm clothes for our children

Below fotos of 92 girls of Zoya Science School Cheenwala with their new warm shawls … Read More

Food for the hungry

In June 276 families got the food packages, During April-June we spent Rs 1.77 million … Read More


Programs to promote math/science


To promote science/math our tutorials/posters/booklets/songs address fundamental ideas of math/science; They are well-researched and well-presented. … Read More

Pi day Program Part 2: What is Pi?


Pi day program Part 1: Story of Numbers, Circle


Pi day Program Part 3: Archimedes and Pi

Part 1 Explores the life and achievements of Archimedes (287-212 BC) Part 2 How Archimedes … Read More

Booklet on Fibonacci for children

1st pages:

Pi day Program Part 4: What makes a Pi champion?

Our articles in the press on Pi draw attention to good math teaching practices, chronicle … Read More

Teaching Science, Math with Seraiki Poems

Teaching fundamental math and science concepts using mnemonics includes visual (posters) and acoustic (poems, songs) … Read More


Zoya Khawaja (1983-2010)

Zoya Science Schools celebrate the memory of Zoya Khawaja (1983-2010) Alumni of American School of Islamabad (1996-1999) and Washington International School, USA (2000-2001). Zoya got a BSc degree from Queen’s University, Canada, and MSc degree in Cancer Genetics from Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA (2006)… Read More

Songs of Zoya Science Schools

Song 2 — Koum De Logo Neendran Choro


Songs from Nawan Sij


Nawan Sij (New Sun) is rock opera for children in Seraiki. It is set to an engaging mix of musical
styles from eastern and western pop to classical including Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.
The opera is in three Acts
It narrates the story of a girl who wishes to know how big is the Earth and finds out in Zoya Science School.

Act 1
To start, our protagonist asks her mother: how big is the Earth?
Her response (inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem Woman’s Work) is the first song of the opera
It chronicles a mother’s sorry plight in our society: illiteracy, hard labor, oppression

1st Song: Maan  (Mother)

Song: Nawan Sij


58th THAAP talk: Book Nawan Sij and Zoya Schools


Books for Zoya schools

89 story books from around the world published by National Book Foundation were presented by … Read More

A STAR is born. World Children’s day

Each year Zoya schools produce a STAR. Last year’s STAR was Hafsa Khan, Pakistan’s Pi … Read More

World Children’s day November 20 2023

The purpose of celebrating World Children’s Day in Zoya Science schools is to make the … Read More

2023 Pi day in Zoya Schools

Hafsa Khan of class 9 Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad set a new national record: … Read More

New campus for ZSS Garibabad

To accommodate rising enrollment in ZSS Garibabad 12 new rooms were added to the school … Read More

Our math/science teaching on national TV!

SAMAA TV aired on October 21 2022 this report extolling the way we teach fundamental … Read More

Hafsa Khan Zoya Science School sets Pi record!

On Pi day March 14 2022 Hafsa Khan of Zoya Science School recited Pi value … Read More

2022 Pi day in Zoya Science Schools

Zoya Science schools celebrated Pi day (March 14) with a new Pi poster, Pi poem, … Read More

New drawings

Children are encouraged to read a story each week. Then write a summary and illustrate … Read More

More books

60 titles–almost all children’s books published by National Book Foundation–10 copies each added during 2022 … Read More

Children’s Day 2021

Children’s day celebrated in Zoya Science School Garibabad. Foto: Children around the school’s poster: Children’s … Read More

Sparks of Hope. Zoya Science School at Islamabad Literature Festival 2021

A Panel of the Islamabad Literature Festival discussed the book by Prof Anita Weiss: Countering … Read More

Heartening Support to Zoya Schools from Academic

Chapter 6 of Prof Anita Weiss’s (Oregon University, USA) new book Countering Violent Extremism in … Read More

International Children’s Book Day (April 2) celebrated in our schools

During the first week of April our children read books and shared stories. And remembered … Read More

Zoya School presentation at Pakistan Mathematical Society

The country’s leading Mathematicians heard (at the 52nd National Seminar of Pakistan Mathematical Society on … Read More

Enrollment jumps in Zoya Science Schools Essenwala and Cheenwala

Enrollment in August 2019 in Zoya Science School (ZSS) Essenwala and ZSS Cheenwala increased by … Read More

Library News: New Books

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Zoya Science and Welfare Society

The non-profit Zoya Science and Welfare Society was setup on December 21 2019 to promote … Read More

Zoya Ghazai Program resumes August 21 2019

About 600 children present in Zoya Science School Daruhal and Zoya Science School Essenwala got … Read More

Outstanding Result–Class 10

Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad One in four students get more than 90 percent marks! … Read More

Meeting Zoya School – Higher Education Commission Chairman

In a meeting on August 15 2018 the Higher Education Commission chairman Tariq Banuri was … Read More

A Rock Opera for Children in Seraiki–Nawaan Sij (New Sun)

Zoya Science School is producing a rock opera for children in Seraiki Nawan Sij (New Sun) … Read More

Enrollment in Zoya Science Schools is now 2322

Presently 2322 children study in Zoya schools or about 30 percent more than in the … Read More

Prof Weiss Visits Zoya Schools

Extract of the Interview of Prof Anita Weiss of Oregon University, USA given to The … Read More

Promoting Science–Science and Math for all Children

Zoya Schools are saturated with science and math: our children learn poems and songs on … Read More

Measuring the Earth’s Circumference

During April-December 2015 the children of Zoya Science School  measured the Earth’s circumference (38806 km–compared … Read More



Nawan Sij (New Sun). A rock opera for children. THE BOOK

Nawan Sij. A rock opera for children–the book: The book narrates in 11 songs the … Read More

Poster: Heliocentrism (Urdu)

Posters: How Al Beruni measured the Earth’s circumference Part 2

Poster: Pythagoras theorem and proof (Urdu)

Poster: How Al Beruni (973-1048) measured earth’s circumference

Poster: How Eratosthenes (276-194 BC) measured Earth’s circumference

Posters: Pythagoras Theorem and Proof (in Seraiki)

Poster Heliocentrism

Poster Area of Traiangles

Poster Children’s Rights

Poster: What is Pi?

Science/math articles in newspapers  

Poster: Story of Numbers

Our latest poster brings to our children a remarkable human achievement, which the French mathematician … Read More

Story book Nawan Sij (New Sun)

A story book Nawan Sij is in the making put together from the songs of … Read More

Measuring the earth’s circumference

Measuring the Earth’s Circumference is a novel way to promote math and science skills. We … Read More

50 things children should know

Nuzhat Al Mushtaq, Hipparchus and his coordinates, Solstices, Tropics and World Festivals, Axial tilt and … Read More

Poster Indus blind dolphin

Classics of World Literature

Short Stories from World Classics

Our Reading Program includes world classics, which we have published such as short stories by … Read More

Poems of Zoya Schools

Zoya School Poems

Seraiki poems (by our teacher Nawab Muztar foto below) explain the turning points in science … Read More

Published: Short Stories from World Classics

To support our Reading Program we have published for our children 5 volumes of short … Read More