Zoya Khawaja (1983-2010)

Zoya Science Schools celebrate the memory of Zoya Khawaja (1983-2010) Alumni of American School of Islamabad (1996-1999) and Washington International School, USA (2000-2001). Zoya studied in Queen’s University, Canada (BSc), and in Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA (MSc Cancer Genetics, 2006).

She worked at the Center of Biologics Research, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Maryland, USA. She was the youngest member in a team of researchers of National Institutes of Health (USA), National Cancer Institute (USA) and FDA which published the paper The Identification of Three Clonal B-cell Populations in a Single Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Patient by Z. Khawaja, F. Abbasi, E. Raveche, D. Arthur, N, Caporaso and G. Marti.

Zoya was studying at Yale University when she died of cancer in New Haven.