Enrollment jumps in Zoya Science Schools Essenwala and Cheenwala

Enrollment in August 2019 in Zoya Science School (ZSS) Essenwala and ZSS Cheenwala increased by 32 and 40 children respectively. ZSS Essenwala which serves a community of fisherfolk near river Indus (25 km from Kot Addu) now has 317 children of which girls are 107 and boys 210. In ZSS Cheenwala located 70 km south of Kot Addu, near Head Bakaini, also next to river Indus, enrollment jumped to 337 children of which girls are 135 and boys are 202.  Despite our effort girl enrollment remains around 40 percent which means many more young girls still dont come to school. The seven Zoya schools setup by the family of Zoya Khawaja on land donated by the villagers are located in the poorest regions of South Punjab next to the richest estates. Here inequality is palpable. Poverty is endemic. Malnutrition and illiteracy are rampant. And the situation is worsening.

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