Food for the hungry

In June 276 families got the food packages, During April-June we spent Rs 1.77 million Rupees to feed hungry children

In May we focused on families of 178 orphans in our schools. And 35 orphans got eidee each Rs 1000

Recipients of Eidee


Rcipients of food packages in May (fotomontage)

In April 2020, 527 families of the children of Zoya Science schools received food packages each worth Rs 1,630. 67 families got the package twice. The package includes 20 kg of atta, 2 kg of ghee, 2 kg of daal, 2 kg of rice and a soap. Each package meets the minimal food requirement of a family of 6 persons for 2 weeks. Volunteers who distributed the packages included teachers and children of Zoya schools. The operation cost Rs 1 Million contributed by local people and friends of Zoya schools.

Fotomontage of food distribution in April

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