Our math/science teaching on national TV!

SAMAA TV aired on October 21 2022 this report extolling the way we teach fundamental math/science concepts with songs, poems, posters, videos–in the mother tongue of the children (Seraiki). The report is focused on ZSS Garibabad–one of 7 Zoya Science Schools.

From a post above: Teaching fundamental math and science concepts using mnemonics includes visual (posters) and acoustic (poems, songs) mediums in the mother tongue of the children (Seraiki). Using Seraiki in our poems/songs sustains the local language, revitalizes it (as part of a continuing struggle against colonization by English/Urdu) and the culture associated with it. Reciting poems and singing songs has been a large part of Seraiki culture. Our songs in Seraiki keep the language alive. Our use of contemporary music draws attention to the language of the vast majority of the population of South Punjab which is under 25 years old.

Exposure to world music/art should influence the children’s aesthetic sensibility–a swirl of activities to catalyze new ways of seeing the world.

Research shows that children learning with mnemonics make exceptional memory gains—of as much as 77 percent (G.R. Miller).





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