2023 Pi day in Zoya Schools

Hafsa Khan of class 9 Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad set a new national record: recited 1,000 Pi digits, which places her in 209th position in Pi World Ranking; Faizan Ali recited 500 digits and Mohammed Shoaib 100 digits.
Children sang songs composed by the schools on Pi, displayed the posters The Story of Numbers, How Archimedes Measured Pi, Area, Circumference of Circles, etc. saw the schools’ video production Archimedes and Pi.
The celebrations are part of the Zoya Science Schools’ program The Mystery of Numbers which also celebrates Phi day on October 31.
Local papers published Urdu versions of the articles: The beauty of Pi, What makes a Pi champion? The Pi day celebrations were reported in local papers and TV channels

Hafsa Khan Class 9 Zoya Science School Nala Khudadad



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