Prof Weiss Visits Zoya Schools

Extract of the Interview of Prof Anita Weiss of Oregon University, USA given to The News January 7, 2018: I went to two wonderful Zoya schools in the Kot Addu region outside Multan. These Kot Addu schools emphasize STEM subjects (science, technology and math) and peace. They encourage students to work to build a better future for Pakistan, and also a peaceful Pakistan. The Zoya schools are co-educational, and built right next to poor bastis. Students can walk to the school from their basti as do their teachers. I asked students in all the classes I attended what job they would want to do when they grow up. As common in other schools, they said they want to become doctors, engineers, computer scientists, and a few said teachers. But unique to other responses I’ve heard in regular schools in Pakistan, when I asked why they gave this response, they said it is to make their contribution for a better, peaceful Pakistan.


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