Promoting Science–Science and Math for all Children

Zoya Schools are saturated with science and math: our children learn poems and songs on science that we have prepared, hear lectures and attend science events, such as measuring the Earth’s Circumference; Learn about the endangered Blind Indus Dolphin; Learn to recognize 5 common diseases in their villages and diagnose them with 5 cures; And take part in the health/nutrition survey of the children of Zoya schools.

We published our poems in a booklet Zoya School Diyan Nazman and published booklets Earth’s Circumference in English and Urdu, and posters on angles, triangles, Pythagoras Theorem and Proof with poems (in Seraiki), Alberuni’s Method of Measuring the Earth’s Circumference, Eratosthenes’ Method, Children’s Rights (in Urdu), Blind Dolphin (in Seraiki), Levers, Galileo. The songs were recorded. We are presently putting them together in a rock opera for children Nawan Sij (New Sun) in Seraiki, which tells the story of a girl who wishes to know how big is the Earth and finds out in Zoya School. The opera uses popular local tunes, Western classical music, such as Ode to Joy.

The poems, songs, lectures, events, experiments are structured by class: lower classes learn  science/math basics, such as on Galileo (Heliocentrism), Lever, Seed and Plants, Angles, Triangles, Circles, π; Higher classes learn Pythagoras Theorem and Proof, Al-Beruni, Eratosthenes, Aryabhata. Five years of teaching science readies the children to measure the Earth’s Circumference which is the final science/math event.

We involved the staff and children in our Nutrition Survey of 847 children in 2016-17, tasking them to measure and record heights and weights of the children to calculate Z-scores from the WHO Anthro+ software. In a program Dast-e-Shifa in 2012 our children learnt about 5 basic diseases in their villages and their 5 cures.

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