Published: Short Stories from World Classics

To support our Reading Program we have published for our children 5 volumes of short stories in Urdu from classics of world literature. These include  stories by Lev Tolstoy (How Much Land Does a Man Need ?), Anton Chekov, Prem Chand, Hemingway (The Old Man and the Sea), Maulana Rum, Gogol (Overcoat).  We will also soon publish stories from Greek and Hindu mythologies, French, German and Chinese literature.  
Children of Zoya Science Schools spend one day each week in extra-curricular activity: they may read world classics, Seraiki poems on Science prepared by our teacher Nawab Muztar, books on science, ethics, civics. Children may attend lectures such as on the Wildlife of Muzzaffargarh which was given in early May by Mr. M. Nawaz Bhutta, Supervisor District Muzzaffargarh, Wildlife Office Taunsa. After the lecture the children prepared a poster on the Indus River Blind Dolphin (see post below). In schools with Selai Centers the children also get hands-on training in sewing. They learn public health (from our Seraiki poems) and do a course “Dast-e-Shifa” to learn 5 basic illnesses (common in rural Muzzaffargarh) and their 5 main cures.

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