World Children’s day November 20 2023

The purpose of celebrating World Children’s Day in Zoya Science schools is to make the children aware of their rights. The celebrations revolve around the schools’ poster Children’s Rights (in Urdu), and the poem in Seraiki (the children’s mother tongue) by Nawab Muztar that explains these rights lyrically so the children may easily remember them.

Over 3,000 children of 8 Zoya Science schools participated in the program. In their scribblings the children replicate the upbeat spirit of Picasso’s ‘Dance of Youth’ which is the centerpiece of the Children’s Rights poster, capturing somewhat the optimism and energy of youth that burst out of Picasso’s painting.

Also, in the Children’s Rights poster are extracts from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which bind member countries, including Pakistan, to remove infant and child mortality, ensure medical assistance and health care to all children; To combat disease and malnutrition by providing nutritious food, etc.

All this the children can recite by heart, that is, the lyrical version in their mother tongue Seraiki. It’s a fine mnemonic effort to make children aware of their rights. As well, to turn them into active agents in their own education.

Such activities have an elevating influence on children’s minds and should be adopted in all our schools, says the op-ed article in The News: No Child Left Behind. The article describes how Zoya Science schools celebrate Children’s Day. It draws attention to its best practices to raise children’s awareness about their rights. And recommends adopting these practices in all our schools:   )





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