Zoya Ghazai Program resumes August 21 2019

About 600 children present in Zoya Science School Daruhal and Zoya Science School Essenwala got a glass of milk and a banana on August 21 and August 27. The food is given twice weekly by a village committee headed by Ghulam Akbar Machi (foto below) and including Mohammed Ashraf, Mohammed Jameel and Samina Murad (teacher at ZSS Essenwala). Akbar Machi and his family donated the land (about 2 kanals) for ZSS Essenwala. Each banana cost about Rs 7.5 and a glass of milk costs Rs 19. The cost of each meal for 600 children is about Rs 16,000 i.e. about Rs 8000/serving for each school. The family of Zoya Khawaja and friends of Zoya schools give the money for this program.

The children are getting meals for 2 years following our nutrition survey of 847 children in 3 Zoya Science schools in 2017 which showed 433 children are under-weight mostly in ZSS Daruhal and ZSS Essenwala.

Fotos of Akbar Machi and children of ZSS Essenwala

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