Zoya Science and Welfare Society

The non-profit Zoya Science and Welfare Society was setup on December 21 2019 to promote science education and the welfare of children. It includes a number of principals and teachers of Zoya Science Schools. The Society is registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Punjab. It is formed under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agency (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961.
So far the Society has done the following volunteer work:

  1. Monthly scholarships to outstanding girls.
  2. Food for children of Zoya schools.
  3. Potable water for children of government schools and underprivileged families.
  4. In April 2020 distributed food to families of children of Zoya schools effected by the lock-down due to Corona virus epidemic.
  5. Poems and songs in the children’s mother tongue to promote science and math, such as a poem on Cornona virus.
  6. Rock opera (under preparation), the first of its kind, for children Nawan Sij (New Sun) about a girl who wishes to know how big is the Earth and finds out in Zoya Science School. The songs use popular local and western music.

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