Al-Mumtaz Welfare Fund

The goal of Al-Mumtaz Welfare Fund (AMWF) is to promote the welfare of underprivileged children/youth in the rural areas. It is conceived as an equal opportunity initiative to address issues of malnutrition, safe water, healthcare, and activities enabling children to survive, develop, and fulfill their potential from early childhood to adolescence.

The Fund supports self growth through quality education, skill building and protection from violence and exploitation. The creation of a Cultural Center seeks to celebrate and promote inter-generational transmission of the living heritage of the region such as teaching/training in music, playing musical instruments, poetry recital (dastan gohi), including street theatre and local crafts to promote the emotional/ esthetic development of children and their appreciation of cultural heritage as a means of meeting the challenge of intolerance, threats to freedom of expression and human rights. Engagement of preferably local experts for inter-generational transmission of these knowledge systems, their innovation and digital dissemination will be a priority.

Engaging a trainer to teach football will be a first step towards the promotion of sports by the Fund.

The Fund supports protection of biodiversity and practices that respect the environment such as tree planting. The introduction of organic farming will cater to domestic consumption and its marketing for income generation.

The AMWF celebrates the memory of Mr. Mumtaz Ali Toor, a humanitarian par excellence (father of Dr. Soofia Mumtaz).


AMWF gives food, glass of milk in the morning and hot meal in the afternoon, to 64 girls of prep and nursery of Zoya Science School Cheenwala.
There is high incidence of malnutrition, under-weight, under-height among children of the school.

AMWF report January 15-May 31 2022:



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