Songs from Nawan Sij

Nawan Sij (New Sun) is rock opera for children in Seraiki. It is set to … Read More

Potable water for 41,263 school children

Water borne diseases are 80% of our diseases and cause 33% deaths in our country* … Read More

Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children

The Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children addresses child malnutrition in rural communities: Four of … Read More

Saeeda Sultana Fund For Children

The Saeeda Sultana Fund for Children was started by Prof Ali Arcelawn in August 2021 … Read More

Al-Mumtaz Welfare Fund

The AL-Mumtaz Fund has closed work due to the death of its sponsor Dr Soofia … Read More

Song 2 — Koum De Logo Neendran Choro

Classics of World Literature

Our Reading Program includes world classics, which we have published such as short stories by … Read More

Poems of Zoya Schools

Seraiki poems (by our teacher Nawab Muztar foto below) explain the turning points in science … Read More