Measuring the Earth’s Circumference

During April-December 2015 the children of Zoya Science School  measured the Earth’s circumference (38806 km–compared with actual 40000 km); And they learnt to use small circles and triangles for global measurement/mapping. They learnt about Eratosthenes, Al-Biruni, Al-Mamun and his team at Bayt al Hikmah, Aryabhata, Al-Idrisi and their times. They studied how celestial events influence culture; And how geometry/knowledge progressed along with rational thinking/cultural exchange.
The lecture material may be accessed by clicking on this link Earth’s Circumference.
Seraiki poems by Nawab Muztar on  Dunya Ka Muheet, Al-Biruni, Eratosthenes, Aryabhata, Al-Mamun make it easy to learn the underlying ideas. The booklet Zoya Schools Diyan Nazman (poems for Zoya Schools) for earlier grades prepares the children to eventually use properties of triangles and circles for celestial measurements.



Newspaper “Khabrain” Sep 15, 2015 on the Experiment
Newspaper “Pakistan” Multan Sep 14, 2015 on the Experiment
One Workshop to Measure the Earth’s Circumference


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