Saeeda Sultana Fund For Children

The Saeeda Sultana Fund for Children (SSFC) of Zoya Science, Welfare Society addresses child malnutrition.
Presently, the SSFC gives food daily (glass of milk, egg, banana, dates) to 67 girls of prep and nursery.
The daily cost per child is about Rs 50.
The food is prepared/distributed voluntarily by a committee of local people.
As much as possible, it is gathered from neighboring bastis/homes of the children of Zoya Science school.
So, SSFC’s overhead cost is ZERO.

Four of every ten children are malnourished in rural communities in South Punjab which ratio is more for girls (see our report in The News Physical health is a major factor in children’s achievement especially in economically disadvantaged rural communities which lack access to resources and where girls have low priority in food allocation within households. Devoting resources to their often-limited access to food, and reducing health disparities that impair their education will make healthier girls and better learners.

SSFC was started by (late) Prof Aly Alp Arcelawn, former Professor of Economics.
It is funded mainly by his students.
The Fund celebrates the memory of Prof Aly Alp Arcelawn’s mother Begum Saeeda Sultana.

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