Classics of World Literature

Our Reading Program includes world classics, which we have published such as short stories by Lev Tolstoy (How Much Land Does a Man Need ?), Anton Chekov, Prem Chand, Hemingway (The Old Man and the Sea), Maulana Rum, Gogol (Overcoat).  We will also soon publish more stories from French literature (Pearl Necklace by Maupassant), as well Greek, Hindu and Chinese mythologies.

Stories are reservoirs of knowledge of the people, of what they find admirable and honorable, of the things that bind them together and of the kind of world they hope to build. They are the moral framework from which to see the world. Giving this emotional and moral knowledge from across the world to our children we hope to give them a sense of the ideals and values that matter to different people. Help them to learn to feel affection for all people, and outrage against injustice, inequality and oppression. This knowledge is conveyed through stories. It should enable them to discover the destiny and affection that we all share as inhabitants of the world. And, maybe, later tell the world their own stories reflecting the complexity of their lives.


Short Stories from World Classics

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