Songs from Nawan Sij

Nawan Sij (New Sun) is rock opera for children in Seraiki. It is set to an engaging mix of musical
styles from eastern and western pop to classical including Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.
The opera is in three Acts
It narrates the story of a girl who wishes to know how big is the Earth and finds out in Zoya Science School.

Act 1
To start, our protagonist asks her mother: how big is the Earth?
Her response (inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem Woman’s Work) is the first song of the opera
It chronicles a mother’s sorry plight in our society: illiteracy, hard labor, oppression

1st Song: Maan  (Mother)

Song: Nawan Sij

One response to “Songs from Nawan Sij

  1. A very touching and beautiful poem, illustrations, song and music.
    Everything amazing.
    Zoya schools a commendable project.

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