Warm clothes for children

Each year, children of one Zoya Science school are given warm clothes. It was Zoya … Read More

Potable water for 41,263 school children

Water borne diseases are 80% of our diseases and cause 33% deaths in our country* … Read More

Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children

The Khwaja Omar Farooq Fund for Children addresses child malnutrition in rural communities: Four of … Read More

Saeeda Sultana Fund For Children

The Saeeda Sultana Fund for Children was started by Prof Ali Arcelawn in August 2021 … Read More

Al-Mumtaz Welfare Fund

The AL-Mumtaz Fund has closed work due to the death of its sponsor Dr Soofia … Read More


Our welfare work aims to alleviate the mind-boggling deprivation of children in remote rural areas … Read More

Water for underprivileged families

Ramzan 2022 Package for 120 Orphans


Tinea Capitis (scalp ringworm)

Tinea Captis fungal infection effects mostly pre-teen boys as our Saifal class 1 of ZSS … Read More

Sana Khalid Young TB Patient

Sana Khalid of class 7 Zoya Science School Garibabad is diagnosed with TB. Her father … Read More